#StudentProfileWeek: Dunn With Your Sh*t

Boundless Vice | Thomas Sanders | April 8, 2016

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It’s only been one year since I started my journey as a Cougar. But in just that (far too short) year I have met people that I never thought existed. I have met Star Wars fans that don’t like Han Solo. I have met vegans who don’t believe that meat is murder. I have met a 20-year-old who is completely bald (by choice of course.) Ladies and Gentlemen these are things that I did not believe could happen in the natural world but oh has college taught me how wrong I am.

One of these wonderful human beings would happen to be a girl who I would think I would never get along with. A girl who is by all definitions a “basic white-girl” but is inspiring on a much deeper level than that. As an aspiring journalist coming to this college, I had no idea where to start. It was through her that I heard of the Odyssey. It was through her that I was guided into writing on a national level. And it was through her that I met some of the people who I consider my closest friends at the college.

Megan Dunn, a junior and communications major here at the College, could not have been a better fit to lead me through the world of college journalism. Of course all of my own words are completely meaningless when trying to convey the indescribable quirkiness that is Megan Dunn. Without further adieu, I give you her own words so you can get to know her for yourself.


Q: Where are you from?


A: Greenville, South Carolina.


Q: What brought you to the College of Charleston?


A: It was not lame. Clemson and USC were not my favs. With Clemson it’s just like nothing is going on ever. You can go to football and then what? Cry? Especially after you lose the national championship, that’d be sad. USC is in Columbia. CofC just has this awesome vibe going on all the time. There’s always something to do, I’m never bored and if I am it’s usually just because I’m watching Netflix in my house not doing anything so that’s kind of my own fault.


Q: What is your favorite color?


A: Favorite Color?! Oh! Turquoise! I like all colors but I think turquoise is nice.


Q: What organizations are you a part of on-campus?


A: Okay, this might take a minute. I am a part of Phi-Mu, vice president. I am part of CisternYard Media, I am the executive for CisternYard Video, also a DJ. I am Editor-in-Chief of the Odyssey and am now part of the Odyssey’s national podcast with the awesome Meredith Wohl, I am part of HerCampus and I think that’s it… I think…. I am pretty sure. Yeah.


Q: With all those organizations how do you find time for yourself?


A: I got to prioritize and some things take more time than others. I’m most passionate about media so those are the things I really like spending time on. I don’t really think of any of it as time consuming. I like spending my time always doing something and I think that all these are always helping me advance in a more positive direction. For me every opportunity is just more time to figure out who I am as a person. That probably sounds really lame… but it’s fine… it’s whatever…


Q: How did you get involved with Odyssey’s national podcast?


A: I applied with Meredith. We sent in an audio sample and some segment ideas. We made it through a round of interviews, we were interviewed through someone in the New York offices and they really liked us so we are now hosts for their national podcasts along with two other groups of people and we are actually going to be the first group of hosts to be on the national podcasts next week because we’re the best ones. They said we were really strong. So we start next week and I am really really pumped about it. I’m super excited about it because Odyssey has helped me take my passion to a national level. Radio is really what I want to do and I never thought that Odyssey would ultimately lead to that.


Q: Studying Communication and Creative Writing, what do you hope to achieve with that?


A: Creative writing is more just of a fun dohicky thing. I really want to go into radio. After graduation I want to move to Nashville and really pursue radio there. If not there, then I’ll figure something else out. TV would be cool. I could go to New York and figure it out there. I have an open mind right now. I’m trying to figure everything out. I’m writing, and I’m doing video and I’m doing radio, I’m doing all these different platforms trying to figure out what I like best and to develop those skills. I have to eventually apply to one of those in the future but who really knows what that is at this moment because, ya know, life is crazy and nothing’s predictable ever in the post-graduate world.


Q: Who are your radio role models?


A: You know, there’s so many. I know this sounds lame but I’m from Greenville and theres so many local DJ’s that I’ve met there and I really enjoy talking to them and learning from them because they’re still really humble and theres so many people from the area that know them. They’ve been in radio like 20 years and even though it is at a local level they still act so professional and they do their job really well. It’s just been awesome to work with them this past summer. Learning from them has been great. They’re names are Beth Bradley and Bill Ellis. They’re with country radio which I hope to go into. National wise… The only thing I can come up with right now is Ryan Seacrest but I don’t want to be him. I have no desire to be him but he is nationally recognized. He runs his social media really well so that’s what kind of gets me. Cody Allen form CMT. He does radio and television so that’s pretty cool. He’s kind of like Ryan Seacrest but the country version. Yeah those are literally the only two I can think of right now because my brain is just fried… from college…


Q: What is your drink of choice?


A: Like alcoholic or non? Okay well alcoholic is Kahlua. Not like to get fucked up or anything but I mean, If I really want to get fucked up I will drink Everclear. Everclear is my “If I really want to forget who I am” go-to. But you have to mix it really well so you don’t taste it! It literally tastes like nail-polish remover. Zero out of 10 do not recommend to a friend. But Kahlua for enjoyment!


Q: You’ve been at this college a few years now, what is your craziest story?


A: Oh man. Okay should I tell you the night of when I threw up in my Kate Spade bag? Yeah we’ll do that one. So there was this one night where I had too much chardonnay, okay well it was boxed wine. That’s the first wrong decision. Now two weeks prior to this I had a horrible hangover from chardonnay so I didn’t really want to drink it but I was just like “you know what, I’ll be fine, I’ll be responsible, it won’t be so bad.” No. I get home I’m just black out. My friend Ally takes me back, puts me to bed and everything’s fine, I’m falling asleep and all of a sudden I just feel this horrible sickness rising from within me and I turn to the side of my bed and I see my Kate Spade bag and I think it’s a trash can. It is not. I throw up into it, all the contents in it, my wallet and my sunglasses and I think there was a test paper from one of my classes. It was just done. It was over. The next morning, I woke up super sad. So, there’s a story for you.


Q: What is your favorite bit about the College?


A: My favorite thing? Okay this is going to sound corny as hell, but it’s the people. I really don’t think you’re going to find such unique people anywhere else. You’re not going to go to Clemson and find these same people. They’re all very unique and they all have something different to offer. Even though we are not diverse ethnicity-wise, racially, I feel we are diverse in what we have to offer and what we’re interested in. And that’s the great thing about a liberal arts college like us. It’s not going to be like Clemson where everyone is an engineer. We’re all passionate about what we want to do and I don’t really see that at other schools.


Q: What’s your opinion on Glenn Mconnell?


A: Very interesting question. I did a project on Glenn McConnell my first semester sophomore year for my Comm class. My argument was: I am going to say why Glenn McConnell should actually stay in office because it was going to be a unique spin from what everyone else was thinking. There were some good points… I think he’s trying, ya know. Have I seen the things he plans to implement? Not really, haven’t seen those things quite yet. He said he’s going to increase diversity, not sure if that’s really taken effect yet. If anything I will say he is very passionate about this college. That is something you have to give to him. He cares. He just needs to go about it a different way because you just gotta make the students happy. Is he doing that? Can’t really say for sure.