Beyond the Beats: A Letter from the Directors

Holy City Beat | Meredith Wohl | March 23, 2016

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Beautiful, wonderful people,

A couple of months ago, we had a really weird feeling in our guts. On the College of Charleston’s campus, as far as print publications accessible to student writers go, we realized that our city truly lacks open, raw and engaging forums for fresh dialogue. Our city lacks venues for talented student writers and photographers to write to their passions, expose injustices in our community or just to produce content we want our peers to be reading.

Charleston is packed with creative people yearning for expressive outlets. Some of the student publications in our area function under a different agenda than The Rival. We can attest first hand how an organization’s primary value being easy-to-digest, “sharable” content can dampen a writer’s creativity. These publications do great things, but we are in need of a new, open forum for student thought.

Enter: The Rival. Founded at George Washington University in Washington, D.C. two years ago, The Rival is a publication founded by young, revolutionarily innovative students who were looking for a place to express themselves without being tied to their academic institution’s rules. This is part of the pitch The Rival sent us when they expressed interest in starting a chapter at CofC:

“Fuck it. We’re not going to pretend that students aren’t, well, young. We curse, we have sex, we drink, we’re optimistic and scared about the future, we take risks, and we adventure. The Rival is not institutionally tied down by any school, so we can finally talk openly about what truly matters and how we truly feel.”

The Rival is invigorating. The Rival is rapidly expanding. The Rival is on the frontlines of change, accompanied by some of the most talented young writers of our generation.

As of today, the College of Charleston is officially a part of The Rival’s growing network of schools, which includes (but is not limited to) Howard University, American University, Notre Dame, Duke and University of Miami.

As our team’s Directors, we are looking for students like YOU (hell yeah, YOU). We are looking for student leaders, growing writers, budding photographers, team-players, unapologetically expressive individuals, persnickety editors, social media strategists, party planners and charismatic creatives. We need your perspectives, verbosity and kick-assitude. Come one, come all – this train is picking up speed and we need your talent along for the ride.

No professional writing or photography experience is required. At The Rival, you are not required to submit articles on a weekly basis so that you can truly take the time you need to produce QUALITY CONTENT. That’s right, that means brilliant, carefully crafted, investigative projects are more than possible and are encouraged.

Come and show us what you can do. We cannot wait to be blown away by your brilliance, fervor and talent (or as the great Ru Paul would say, your “Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent”).

Join the team. Have your voice heard loud and clear. Produce amazing content. Build a kickass portfolio. Be a part of the ranks that will change the way College of Charleston students consume news.

Your adequately hype, fearless Directors,

Meredith Wohl, Director of Content

Lauren Kong, Director of Communication